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Where to Find Best Prices on Wire

 The best way to get a good deal on wire (copper or aluminum) is to shop around.  Copper prices are constantly changing and because of this prices on wire are always moving.  Aluminum is more stable than copper in most cases.  Check you local Home Depot and Lowes - for baseline prices if nothing else.  You can usually pick up a 10% coupon for Lowes by getting a change-of-address packet from your local post office.


You should also check electrical supply stores in your area.  Most framing crews do not purchase their lumber from a big-box store but rather they purchase through a lumber/building supplier .  In Utah, these lumber suppliers include Burton Lumber and Wheelwright to name a few.  Contractors get discounts at these suppliers...the more volume you purchase the larger the discounts you can get.  Likewise, electricians or electrical professionals commonly purchase materials through electrical suppliers.

When building our cabin, I priced out materials at a local electrical supplier called Duncan Electric against the local HD and Lowes.  For small connectors, electrical boxes, circuit breakers, etc the prices were about a wash.  For 1000ft rolls of Romex and especially large gauge specially wire, the electrical supplier was significantly cheaper.  It was on the order of 30% cheaper to get those materials from the supplier.   I just paid cash for the materials and didn't need an account setup or anything.

The bottom line is you are not going to know if you got the best deal around unless you spend a little time and shop around.  If you are rewiring a kitchen or a few rooms in your basement it might not be worth the effort but if wiring an entire house or cabin...the saving will definitely add up. 



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