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Raised Bed Garden DIY - Trex

Building your own raised garden beds is quite simple using TREX, cedar wood, and some basic tools.  This website will show you how we built three sturdy garden beds that were 4ft by 8ft by 16 inches deep out of Trex and then added and automatic irrigation system out of PVC pipe

 TREX raised garden bed  


Raised Garden Bed - Materials List

We made our garden beds 4ft by 8ft to minimize wasted materials.  The Trex we used came in 8ft lengths so we used a combination of full length peices and pieces cut in half.  Here's the material list for a single garden box.

  • 9 - Trex boards 8'
  • 1 - Cedar post (4" x 4" x 8')
  • 1 - Cedar board (1" x 3" x 8')
  • 60 - Trex screws
  • Garden Soil (1.5 cubic yards)

Cost for Trex raised garden bed at Lowes (Trex 9*$20, cedar post $24, Cedar board $5, screws $9) came to $218. There is also the cost of garden soil which we purchased in bulk from a local nursery for $50 or so. These beds are solid and will be around for many years to come.

Trex for garden beds  Trex screws garden bed

Building Raised Garden Beds out of Trex

Garden Beds Raised Materials

First cut Trex boards in half for the 4ft sides and cut 8ft 4x4 post into six 16" lengths.

garden bed diy

Recess the posts an inch or so below the top surface so that when garden bed is filled with dirt they aren't visible.

deep raised bed

Here the first garden bed screwed together.  8ft lengths of Trex will bow a fair bit so we found installing a couple boards across the center keeps everything straight once the soil is added in.  This isn't shown in the picture above.  For irrigation we tied into our sprinkler lines and added a controller/timer for just the garden.

three garden beds

Once the garden beds are put together its important to level them up.

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