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What is NEC?

NEC stands for "National Electric Code", also known as NFPA 70, and is a United States standard for safe installation of electrical wiring.  It is published by the National Fire Protection Agency.  The NEC is commonly mandated by state and local building departments.  Check which version of the NEC your area requires as there are some differences like the recent requirements for AFCI breakers in bedrooms.

Download a FREE copy of NEC

You can view free copies of NEC 2002, NEC 2005, NEC 2008, and NEC 2011 at NFPA's website. Click here.

Before you can view the documents you must register with NFPA.  It requires an email address and about 5 minutes to register but it beats paying $85.00 for the book itself. It's setup to be read-only but you can always use Shift+PrintScreen buttons to copy and paste into Word and then print out a page or two if you need it.


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