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Standing Seam Metal Roof - Overview

How to Get Best Standing Seam Metal Roofing Prices

When the time comes for a building to get a new roof, it is typically not a project that can be put off for any length of time. If standing seam metal roof prices seem a bit too steep, there are things that shoppers can do to try to get a better deal. If they plan ahead and ask the right questions, they may be able to save quite a lot on the total cost of the project.


In many cases, standing seam metal roofing prices vary depending on the square footage that will be purchased to complete the project. If a customer is making a huge purchase from a store, they may be inclined to offer a discount to help alleviate some of the costs, since they will still end up making a huge profit. If a customer has a large area that needs to be completed, they should be sure to ask if this discount applies to their purchase.

There are also many stores that offer discounts on standing seam metal roofing prices to shoppers who are willing to pay cash. Although a credit card may be more convenient for the customer, it results in a large amount of service fees for the store. They may be much more willing to negotiate with a customer who makes it clear that they are able to pay for the entire purchase with cash.

If someone has the ability to install their metal roof on their own, they should definitely take the time to do it. Hiring a contractor is a huge expense that must be worked into any home improvement budget. However, this option should only be considered by people who have worked on similar projects in the past and are sure that they can complete it correctly and safely.

Those who do need to hire a contractor for their metal roofing project should try to be as involved as possible in choosing the supplies. Ask the contractor if they would be comfortable with the client shopping around online for the best prices on the materials that will be used for the project. They may be able to find something better which could save money on completing the roof.

It is also important to speak with both retailers and contractors about the warranties that they offer for their products or services. If one option is a bit more expensive, weigh it out with the warranty that comes along with it. For example, a more expensive contractor may be a worthwhile investment if they offer a lifetime warranty on parts and labor for the roof.


Standing seam metal roof prices are far more flexible than many shoppers might think, but they have to know which questions to ask when they enter the store. They may be able to get a discount for buying a certain amount of roofing or for paying for their purchases entirely in cash. Being able to do the labor independently is great for those who are capable, and those who use a contractor should take an active role in choosing the materials.

Types of Standing Seam Metal Roofing

Snap lock based metal roofing is made out of steel, aluminum, or copper. A standing seam copper roof will give you a great vintage look. Most come with water tightness warranties upon installation and a manufacturer’s warranty on the panels and paint coatings.

Standing Seam Metal Roof Manufacturers

A partial list of the best standing seam metal roof manufacturers include:

MBCI – The industry leading manufacturer of metal roof and wall systems. They provide metal roof and metal wall panels to the architectural, industrial, commercial, institutional, residential and agricultural markets.

Architectural Building Components


Metal Sales Manufacturing


Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors Here are the most common colors for standing seam metal roofing:  


Installing Standing Seam Metal Roof

Metal Roof Frequently Asked Questions

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