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STEP 3: Setting Concrete Countertops in Place

Once you let the countertops set up for a few week you are ready to remove the forms and put them in place.

Concrete Countertops dried       

We started with the smaller ones first to see how they turned out.  I must say I was quite impressed with how smooth and flat they looked once we turned them over.

Bathroom Concrete Countertop

The second bathroom countertop looked great as well.


Kitchen Countertop Concrete Dried getting this countertop stood up was a chore.  It probably weighed over 1000 lbs at 2 1/2ft wide and 12 ft long.  We had to put our heads together to figure out how to move this from the table to the counter with only a couple guys.

Moving Concrete Countertop

No an Egyptian.  It's a good idea to put down some construction adhesive on the cabinets before you put the countertop in place since there will be no other fasteners between the countertops and cabinets.  With the weight of these things they probably wouldn't move anyways.


STEP 1: Building Concrete Countertop Forms

STEP 2: Mix and Pour Concrete Countertops

STEP 3: Setting the Concrete Countertops in Place

STEP 4: Acid Staining Concrete Countertops