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DOE R-Value Recommendations

The US Department of Energy (DOE) releases their R-value recommendations for new and existing homes every few years. The insulation recommendations for attics, cathedral ceilings, walls and floors have been increasing overall and generally exceed those required by most building codes. The Department of Energy’s latest range of recommendations is based on comparing future energy savings to the current cost of installing insulation. According to the DOE, providing a range of recommendations is shown for these reasons:

■ Energy costs vary greatly over each zone

■ Installed insulation costs vary greatly over each zone

■ Heating and cooling equipment efficiency varies from house to house 

■ The DOE’s best estimate of future energy costs may not be exactly correct  

This map and the table below show the DOE’s R-value recommendations for new and existing homes.

doe r-value zoning for insulation


DOE new home insulation recommendations


DOE existing home insulation recommendations


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