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Places to add insulation for home energy savings and comfort

To achieve maximum thermal efficiency and comfort, it is important to insulate any space where energy could be lost. For enhanced energy savings and comfort, consider adding insulation to these areas of your home:

places you can add insulation in your home


 1. Attics & Ceilings

Fiber glass and mineral wool insulation in attics and flat ceilings makes homes more resistant to energy loss, and lowers energy bills. To achieve R-values of R-38 and higher, two or more layers of batts can be used and their R-value added. For example, a R-19 batt added to a R-30 will yield a R-49. When installing a second layer, always use insulation without a vapor retarder or kraft paper facing. Also, it is recommended that the second layer be applied across the joists which are perpendicular to the first layer. Fiber glass or mineral wool loose-fill insulation can also be used.

2. Exterior Walls

Sections sometimes overlooked in homes are walls between living spaces and unheated garages or storage rooms, dormer walls, knee walls and the portions of walls above ceilings of adjacent lower sections of split-level homes. All of these are considered exterior walls. NOTE: Proper use and placement of vapor retarders is critical. For guidance on the use and location of vapor retarders and kraft paper facing on insulation,please check with your local building department or insulation contractor.

3. Floors

Areas that are often not insulated are floors over unheated or open spaces such as garages,porches, crawl spaces and unheated basements. Fiber glass and mineral wool batts can be used to insulate these areas.

4. Basements & Crawlspaces

There are many considerations when adding insulation in these areas.Fiber glass and mineral wool batts are good choices if the spaces are dry.


5. Ductwork

An HVAC system can deliver heated and cooled air at design temperatures only if the ducts are adequately insulated. For existing ducts that are outside of conditioned space (i.e. in an unheated attic or crawlspace), applying fiber glass duct wrap to the exterior of sheet metal ducts can increase indoor comfort, reduce heat loss or gain, and control condensation. Many ducts may not be accessible, but you should add insulation to any ductwork that is easily accessible.

6. Interior Walls

Most walls and ceilings in today’s homes are only marginally effective at blocking noise. Adding fiber glass and mineral wool insulation can significantly lower the transmission of noise between rooms. The best time to install acoustical insulation is when remodeling or renovating a home.  

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