Build my own cabin - DIY projects

Framing Interior Walls

Framing interior walls of a house is fairly straight forward by the time you've done the rest of the framing.  We used 2x4 studs for everything except the bathroom wall which was done with 2x6s to make routing the plumbing easier.  When framing interior walls you need to closely follow your blueprints to ensure everything lines up as designed.

            Interior Wall1


Picture above shows a bedroom wall that was framed in.  Notice on the top where the wall didn't hit directly on a truss we ended up having to block between two trusses to give us something to attach the top of the wall to.

Interior Wall 2       

Here is a closet that was framed into the bedroom.  Headers here are not supporting so they can quickly be framed out of 2x4s as well.

Log Stairs


This cabin has an open staircase from the main floor to the second floor.  We framed in the rough cut stringers and put temporary stair treads in place.  Later, we installed thicker rough cut treads.

Interior Walls Framing       

This picture shows the framing of our interior walls almost complete.  There are two bedrooms, a loft and bathroom on the second floor.  On the main floor we framed in walls for a bathroom and three bedrooms.


Framing Main Floor

Framing Exterior Walls

Framing Interior Walls

Framing Roof

Framing Second Floor (Rough Cut Beams/Floor)

Nail Sizing Chart